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Part of the Medical School at Swansea University the mass spectrometry facility, is housed in the Grove Building Extension. The facility is run by researchers from the BEACON+ project led by Professor Steven Kelly. The facility was for over 30 years an EPSRC-funded national research facility and continues to deliver expertise in mass spectrometry analysis. This research group uses mass spectrometry to investigate lipids, natural products and metabolites. The mass spectrometry facility has a suite of mass spectrometers coupled to liquid chromatography (LC-MS) and gas chromatography (GC-MS).

Our services

Our hyphenated techniques (GC/MS and LC/MS) and complex contract research are charged per hour basis. All our other techniques ((n)ESI/EI/CI/ASAP(APCI)/*MALDI) will be charged the same price per analysis and include accurate mass measurement as appropriate [*with the exception of MALDI as accurate mass measurement is a completely separate analysis to the initial characterisation and therefore an analysis charge will apply].

This means you can choose “Let Mass Spectrometry decide” in our online LIMS, Remote Analyzer (RA), when submitting samples in the first instance without worrying about financial implications as we can continue to allow analyses, or samples, to be interchanged between techniques. Multiple modes within the same technique e.g. positive and negative analyses will each incur a charge, and we will advise if any further analyses are required after the primary analysis and obtain your written agreement before commencing.

Nano-Electrospray Ionization/Electrospray Ionization
Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe
(Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization)
Electron Ionization
Chemical Ionization
MALDI (Characterization only)
MALDI (Characterization and Accurate Mass Measurement)
Gas Chromatography
Liquid Chromatography

We aim to be as fair and helpful as always, please contact us to discuss your specific circumstances and obtain relevant quotations.

We are in a highly competitive market and we realise you have a choice for your mass spectrometry requirements – we look forward to our partnership with you.


Case Study

Irish Life Sciences

Polymer extractable work carried out by the NMSF, Swansea University.

Irish Life Sciences is a Laboratory consumables business focused on producing Deepwell storage plates with class leading low extractable elements. Material selection is a key part of our strategy to produce pure Deepwell Storage Plates in our medical device qualified Clean Rooms.

“NMSF carried out our GC-MS work swiftly, providing detailed, clear and helpful feedback. We will continue to use the facility to test new polymers and our products to ensure we maintain our position of having the purest Deepwell Storage plates on the market.”

Irish Life Sciences has been working with the NMSF on a GC-MS method to evaluate extractable elements from various polymers and competitor products. It has ensured the materials selected support our commitment to supply Deepwell Storage plates with unsurpassed low levels of extractable elements.

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