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I've been using the NMSF for several months for GC-MS analysis of various compounds and am more than happy with their services: I accepted an offer to visit the facilities, received a warm welcome from the staff and whilst there, was well-advised on the technical aspects of the analysis I had requested. I've found that staff respond to any queries very quickly, are clearly skilled and knowledgeable about the field, and the quality of the data I've been given is above and beyond my expectations. It's reassuring to know that if I have any queries I can contact them anytime and speak to a friendly and skilled member of staff. Moreover, the prices were very competitive. Five star rating from Biovorn.

The NMSF has been a tremendous help for our research on metalloporphyrins, with a return time fast enough to guide and stimulate synthetic work. The quality of MALDI mass spectra from Swansea is also superb. The Swansea MALDI service has provided excellent results for many compounds which failed to give satisfactory molecular ions by MALDI in Oxford. Accurate mass measurements have also been extremely useful for providing conclusive authentication of new porphyrin monomers.

I used the NMSF (formerly NMSSC) for well over 25 years and it was of vital importance to the smooth progress of our research - enabling the full characterisation of novel organic small molecules en route to the total synthesis of important bioactive natural products and structural analogues. It offered a prompt and highly professional operation. The overall quality was excellent all round; an unqualified success.

Our synthetic chemistry work, directed towards a wide range of compounds from organosulfur donors to naphthalene derivatives and heterocycles, has depended over many years on the high quality and very helpful service provided by the NMSF in Swansea, which I can strongly recommend.

The NMSF at Swansea provides an excellent and responsive service, producing high quality analyses that have contributed to our papers for many years. The team members are very approachable and helpful.

We have employed the services of the NMSF over the last two years, and have been very pleased with the quality of the service we have received. We have been particularly grateful to the staff of the facility, who engaged in highly productive discussions to initially understand our requirements and worked with us to develop suitable practical solutions. I would have no hesitation in recommending the NMSF to other industrial customers.

For the better part of a decade my research group has relied upon the services of the National Mass Spectrometry Facility at Swansea. They have consistently provided excellent analyses of complex supramolecular structures that we could not carry out in-house. In carrying out analysis of our most challenging samples, they developed their methods beyond what I understood to be the state of the art. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

I've always been impressed by the knowledge, expertise and rapid turn-around time at the NMSF at Swansea. My group have used them for both catalyst and polymer characterization experiments and particularly benefited from Mark's knowledge of MALDI-TOF in selecting conditions to examine completely new polymer microstructures.

My research spans medicinal chemistry, synthetic methodology and flow chemistry. A common factor is that all three fields consistently require high quality low and high resolution mass spectrometry for sample identification and characterisation. In this respect, I can highly recommend the NMSF at Swansea - they run a fast and efficient service and are always happy to discuss tricky compounds. I have yet to send them a sample for which they have not managed to produce usable data.

I have worked with the NMSF for a large part of my career as a research active academic at a number of UK universities, having supervised over 40 PhD students who have used various aspects of this service due to a lack of capability at their home institutions. The service is efficient, has fast-turnaround and has provided the data that has supported our publications and thesis-writing across a large number of research areas. It has been invaluable to us as a resource.

The NMSF provided my laboratory with accurate mass data for my synthetic projects. This was of high quality and enabled us to progress work and to publish on organic zeolites, photoacid generators and benzyne.

The NMSF at Swansea has been incredibly helpful for our research activities. We work with compounds which readily fragment and it is very difficult to observe the molecular ion peak. The expertise from the NMSF, finding the right technique/conditions, has made it possible in many cases and we are very grateful for their significant efforts on this. Furthermore, the service is very efficient. For the straightforward samples, the turnaround is exceptionally fast.

I am a post doc working on 3rd generation photovoltaic technology for Prof. Peter Holliman at Swansea University, and previously at Bangor University. The mass spectrometry service is an invaluable tool for our synthetic work and our forensic analysis of the degradation products formed during device stability studies. Samples are analysed within one to two weeks and the NMSF team can be contacted by phone to discuss the data in more detail after the initial analysis has been completed. Access to this level of expertise and knowledge of high resolution analysis has increased the efficiency of research within our group as we are able to avoid long tedious purification processes during both synthesis and forensics research. Without access to the expertise provided by the NMSF team we would not have been able to publish our work in high impact factor publications.

A very friendly, helpful and professional service. The NMSF turn around submissions in a very timely manner and are always on hand to answer questions relating to problematic samples.

The NMSF has been essential for the synthetic chemistry output from my group. There has always been a speedy turnaround for characterisation of new compounds together with accurate mass determinations.

Our research group has been using the commercial service offered by the NMSF for two years and have had a very positive experience. The online submission system is well designed and straightforward to use. The provision of bar code sample labels and packing form are helpful. Analysis is always very prompt and displays an excellent level of expertise, particularly evident for 'difficult' samples.

My group have used the NMSF for both routine sample analysis and for specific help with a research project. We have been really impressed with the quick and efficient service we have received, particularly with the care and dedication the staff of the NMSF have taken with our samples. Highly recommended!

My group has working closely with NMSF for ca. 10 years now - the quality of the data we received is always high quality and suitable for publication. When there is a problem with the samples the team of NMSF go the extra-mile to investigate and propose solutions that have influenced our research.

I am happy with the service the NMSF has provided and the professional treatment received. The analysis is good value for money with a reasonable turnaround time for samples and subsequent delivery of the results.

For many years NMSF at Swansea has provided me with data that I can rely on. The expert staff and excellent facilities make this possible even for difficult samples, such high molecular weight metal complexes with low solubility in common solvents.

I've been very happy with the service I received from the NMSF. The RemoteAnalyzer interface makes it easy to keep track of the analytical process, and their experts gave great feedback and helpful hints on sample preparation when some peptide samples turned out not to contain the species I expected. The NMSF provides an excellent service that provide complementary MS expertise to our own in-house services. There have been several occasions when the NMSF service was crucial for the characterisation of some unusual sulfur-containing organic compounds that we had difficulty analysing with our own facilities.

I went to NMSF with quite challenging samples; a mixture of single Pd atoms and Pd clusters in ionic liquids. The NMSF team provided me results in a very short time-scale with high quality, and extremely detailed reports. The communication with the NMSF team to plan the experiments, run the analysis and discuss data was excellent. The quality of professionals is the highlight of this facility; I strongly recommend using the NMSF services.

The customer service was excellent. Samples were processed extremely rapidly and the data quality was excellent.

Our group at Hull makes a range of metal complexes with a variety of societal applications and we have found results from the NMSF at Swansea to be extremely useful both in terms structural elucidation of the metal complexes and in the characterization of resultant products such as polymers.

During two decades of interaction and good quality mass spectra provision throughout, whether Research Council-sponsored or at very competitive commercial rates, I have found the highly professional staff of the NMSF are very approachable, user-focussed and proactive in problem-solving, discussing specific requirements and aiding compound structure determination.

The mass spectrometry facilities provided at the NMSF at Swansea are excellent and have provided my group with mass analysis of many samples over several years. The data were invaluable for publications and PhD theses.

I have worked with NMSF at Swansea over the past 3 years and I have always found the service to be exceptional. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, the quality of the data provided is excellent and the turnaround times very quick. The first sample I sent for analysis was analysed and the results in my inbox 24 hours after sending it. The system is easy to use and the data generated is presented in a clear and unambiguous manner. I will certainly continue to use this service.

I have used the NMSF for high resolution MS analysis of cyclic peptides on behalf of Spero Therapeutics Inc. The sample submission process was smooth and efficient, and the results were clear, comprehensive, and delivered in a timely manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending NMSF to other users.

AHDB was proud to work with NMSF in a more unusual and complex field project. NMSF staff, especially Dr Ann Hunter, were extremely professional and adaptive, meeting the requirements of field sampling in an industrial food production facility. The facility themselves commented on how well the sampling was completed, despite production lines still running and during major production issues. From project outline to implementation, support was provided throughout and the resulting report allowed us to provide robust data backed by an excellent reputation to policy makers. All told we couldn't have asked for more.

We have had excellent service from the NMSF at Swansea. The quality of the results, customer service and speed of turnaround of results are excellent. Thank you!